Miscellaneous Handmade/Sewing Projects: A Folder

Have I ever told you that I have folders for my pictures....one in particular I'll focus on for this post.....and it is called Miscellaneous Handmade/Sewing Projects.   The sun is out and so I opened up the folder:  Here are some dish towels I adorned.  Yes, they are meant to be displayed, used and then washed.  I attached the fabric snippets using the raw-edge applique technique....which means that when washed, the edges will fray - as they are meant to do.  It's not tearing up, it's simply becoming frayed! 

Next, I found a picture of the fabric nesting boxes.....the smallest is approximately 1" square and it nests inside the 1 1/2" box and the next size nests into the next size....all the way up to 3 1/2" or 4".  Too much fun to make!  I bundled and bowed and grouped all three together on my dressing table. 

Then there are hot pads ~ made with selvages

and hot pads ~ made in the round

and blue stripe ticking hot pads ~

and hot pads for the Christmas table ~ an idea and tutorial from Debbie at Esch House Quilts.

and the munchkins pillows - each measuring about 6" or 8" made from washed wool remnants:

oh, that folder has even more stuff ....but I'm out of time! 

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