Some information is better late than never.....

How to wrap a gift - the article's title in the morning news read.  Hey, I thought, I could have used this information yesterday! 

You see, here's my gift wrapping attempt #1: the first cut was a little too small - but being the frugal person that I am - and the person who likes to give my family memories - I just continued wrapping the too large package in the too small amount of paper.  And, so they wouldn't think I was trying to hide my mistake, I just got the big felt tipper and Ooops!!ed it. 

Moving on to gift wrap attempt #2: 

Oh no - I didn't make the same mistake twice. This time, I cut way too much paper and it kinda bunched and over-lapped on each end.  So much so that it took three slices of tape to hold it all together!

By now the boys in the choir are snickering and I'm getting the eye-roll treatment -

Stop it you guys - I've gotten it all together now.  Third attempt is the charm.  Every gift is wrapped and tagged and under the tree or in the mail.

Ho Ho Ho


  1. {chuckle} Thanks for the lesson!

  2. Not much of a wrapping tutorial. I think I will look for another one.


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