I'm not a stay-at-home n'er do well....however,

I'm feeling like one these days. 

June has been a very busy, busy month.  Finally can check the heavy yard work off my list and can relax in the glow that the remainder of the summer will be low maintenance for me.  Now the HuMAn's yard work is another story!   You see, I do the hand pruning, clipping and weeding.  He uses all the boy's heavy duty toys like the mower and blower.  I'll give it to the guy though, he keeps the birds in feed and water.  And they thank him daily:  by coming back for more the next day. 

But anyway, back to ME.   I  - the one who doesn't procrastinate - have been behind on one of my quiltalongs....and behind on completing my pojagi inspired samples....and behind on updating my Flickr pictures and behind on my housework.

So, today was the day to finish and get pictures of the pojagi works: 

Then I started round No. 2

of the quiltalong:  24 of each of these rectangles....arrrrgh!

so tedious, but running one right behind the other without stopping for a break  helped to keep me going. Once I stop....who knows when I'll get back to my Bernina.   And the instructions tell me there's more to do next month....holy bedcovers and a double arrrrgh!

I did get this much done before quitting time.

A few more pictures were added to the Italy, 2012, Flickr Gallery

The housework is still not done, but I did have time for breakfast and lunch


It's a shrimp fettucine dinner night and I'm the cook, so ta ta for now. 

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