Pojagi Inspired: A shower curtain

Here's the shower curtain:  currently hanging (with clothes pins)  on my outdoor porch. 

I have had this Kona Bay fabric for quite some time.   You see, it was on sale so I bought the end of bolt -  approximately 6 yards.  Just enough to use as the backing fabric for a quilt.  But, as I said, I've had this fabric for quite some time! With it's cream background with black Koi fish swirling around
I was having a hard time making this fabric flirt with any of my quilt tops. 

Shower curtains measure approximately 72" x 72".....give or take..... to make one to perfection for your bathroom.  I cut 13" squares and used the pojagi patchwork method to re-seam the patches.    The swirling Koi took on an interesting effect and the seam work adds another dimension to the shower curtain. 

Pictures aren't perfect:  but, who's judging? 

The beauty of pojagi is that both front and back look fabulous...especially pretty when a light source comes through to show off the seams....as in my bathroom which has a window behind the tub. 

The pattern - Can you see that I spent a lot of time drafting my pattern.  What?  It's 72" x 72" - solving the math problem by division, I came up with six 12" squares across and six down.  BUT, since I didn't want my seams to abut, I used only five 12" squares and added 6" rectangles on each end of three of the rows.  To add further interest, after one row was completed, I cut it in half lengthwise, then seamed it together again.  Note:  cut  33 13" squares for a 12" finished block.  And cut 6  7" x 13" rectangles for the finished 6" x 12"  rectangles for the three alternate rows. 


  1. So you!!!!!!!!!

    I bet it looks great in your bathroom with the light behind it.Good Job! Karla

  2. Wow, Marty!! What a great idea for that perfect piece of fabric for a shower curtain!! Love it!!!


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