This quilter went to market:

Farmer's market, that is: 

and I had my camera: 
 and found this pile of garden rubbish:  ready for the compost heap:  love:

and a few steps away from the market:  is a butterfly garden:  planted by:
 tended by:
 master gardeners: 

  bag of garden soil:  thrown on the ground: spilt down the middle: planted with thyme: 
 great idea: 
 to love:

and if you dream in color: 
 dream this:  garden hoses:
 to delight the gardener's eye:

garden kitty:

 in the butterfly garden:

  in the butterfly garden:

take out: 
 from the farmer's market:  purple hull peas:  tomatoes: cucumbers:  onions: 
 bell pepper: squash: cantelope

left behind: 
 but they made a great picture: 

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  1. WHAT? No MELON? You missed the best thing there! Of course, the cantaloupes are absolutely yummy right now!


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