A Feather Quilt Block: In my cap ~

We've all heard of  'a feather in one's cap'  which means you've been successful or have done a good deed.  Not only is the feather your reward to self but it also serves the purpose of letting others know what a good boy or girl you've been.....

Well, Anna Marie Horner was a very good girl when she shared her Feather Bed Quilt PDF with us.

And, I was a very good girl when I decided to join the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild BOM.  Block No. 2 in the BAM-BOM is the FEATHER.

Ann Marie Horner block pattern....feather

I printed my template pattern, gathered my fabric, cut my strips and sewed them together....hey, I'm liking this.

fabric strips for the feather block

Until, I had a mental block on how to get those feather strips going in just the right direction.  It was one of those hey....get a life moments until finally, my brain cleared and the four feather pieces came together at just the right angle!  I further decided that if the four corner pieces that attach to each end of the feather were cut larger than the template, the construction would be  much easier. Sew them on, then trim to size!

Here, my feather block joins Block No. 1.....Film Strip - here's how to make the block.

Film Strip and Feather Blocks

P.S....I'm now going to rip the center seam of the feather block and turn one of the feathers in the alternate direction.  That will add more interest to the feather block.....I think.


  1. Great feathers. I can so relate to having to stop and think. It is like I just can't see how the pieces go til I try sewing them. I have even unpicked to try to get it right and then sewn it wrong exactly the same way again. I am keen to try leaves with the angled strips but it seems like such a challenge.
    I like your filmstrip block too. I love that background fabric choice.

  2. Love these Feather Blocks, Marti!

    They certainly capture my interest.

    Great job,gal



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