I took the pledge ~

I'm committed to one more block of the month.  Who could resist the offer Pile O'Fabric and Sew Mama Sew threw out there.....join in the big block fun they've  collaborated to provide for the next several months.    I selected my fabric, cut the blocks, stitched it up in the time it took me to put the binding around this casserole oven mitt!!!  I worked and worked and this is the very best I can do.  I'll save this project for someone else to finish.  No, on further thought, I think I'll scrap this one altogether. 

Casserole Oven Mitt

 I told the HuMAn that if I worked in a factory that paid by the piece, I would owe the boss man $24.30 by the end of the day!  I'd be begging them to give me a pink slip. 

I'd rather be making super-sized blocks.  Each block will finish at 24 inches.  Bring on the big-block-fun.  Block No. 1 - Up From Here an Alyssa Lichner block pattern was finished from some of my mustard and gray scraps from a previous project yet to be blogged about!

Super-Sized BOM - Up From Here an Alyssa Lichner block pattern


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