The challenge was met!

Art Quilts Around The World....The Macro Marty Mason

In going through the inspiration motions for the Macro Challenge for Art Quilts Around The World, I had to first check out the definition of macro:
  •  Large scale; overall
  • Very large in scale, scope, or capability
  • A macro is a symbol, name, or key that represents a list of commands, actions, or keystrokes
  • and my own definition:  up close and personal
There is macro as in photography, or environment, computer, economics and this macro and that macro and on and on! 

With these thoughts (and by this time, other thoughts) in mind, I finally decided very simply, very minimalistic PERIOD as in large scale PERIOD.  My PERIOD is thread-painted in black on a white fabric which represents a sheet of writing paper.  The exaggerated lines on my 'paper' are hand-quilted with pearl cotton embroidery floss.
Art Quilts Around The World....The Macro Marty Mason

 I was in luck when I found the white script on black for the binding.  Just the cat's meow for the finishing touch on such a fun art quilt project.   PERIOD


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