Flowers Squared - A quilt

It's been raining here for the last few days....not complaining.  Well, not much.  I've gotten lots of sewing done but no pictures taken. 

At first glimpse of the sun's rays this morning I bundled up against the wind and cold and headed out for a couple of pictures of my newest quilt that I've dubbed 'Flowers Squared.'

Flowers Squared......Marty Mason
Flowers Squared......Marty Mason

Hannah's Quilts had one similar in her shop and I snapped a picture of her quilt for inspiration.  In my usual fashion, not being sure what I was doing, I botched the third layer...the layer surrounding the center floral square should be heading out to each of the four corners....not side to side, nor up and down, but out!  Oh, well!

Alas, the big floral dahlia border would be so pretty if the seams had been mitered.  But, woebegone, I didn't have enough fabric.  Oh, well! 

Not complaining, just saying!

What I really love about this quilt top is that it is finished and perfectly pleases me.  I used Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably and probably some Philip Jacob fabrics, all from Hannah's Quilts,  and for sure Cherrywood hand dyed....yes, that's the lush turquoise outer borders.  Did I mention the Bali shot cotton too. 


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