I'm not leaving this room.........

..............UNTIL I post on my poor, unattended blog!

It's not that I haven't been inspired

At the Art Tour

or that I don't have something to blog about

Street Musicians

or that I don't have enough pictures to add interest to my post

Street Musicians 

or that my life is uneventful

Abandoned Building in Parthenon, Arkansas


It's just........well, what can I say!  I just haven't posted lately. 

On The Road Again



  1. Wow! Those are some interesting photos! I really love that last one...brings me back to the days of few blacktopped roads. (I can't believe that I can say those words!) Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Thank goodness, I'm on break and can do a bit of quilting.
    Have a great Thanksgiving,

  2. Mary, I am ready for Thanksgiving and we will be spending the day with family. We ventured to Northern Arkansas last week and I found my grandparent's old home place at the end of that dirt road pictured above. I haven't been there in in 55 years but the memories were still there waiting for me. Enjoy your respite and quilt to your heart's content.


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