In A Safe Place ~

I've been rambling around in my pictures,
where I thought I would be safe.....
this morning.....
but I got lost in the many thousands.....
of pictures
in one file or another.

Communal bird bath

Crane on the Bayou Mason

To Me

Italian Barber

By A Thread !

Butterfly Sipping

In A Fog!

Genuine Fiesta coffee mugs

Apple trio

Dogwood with wooden egg cup

Sunflower teepees

bee sipping flower nectar
I'm in a safe place, where are you?


  1. Thanks for your visit and your most generous compliment to my pictures.

  2. Marty, I was just going to take a peek and quietly move on, but there's no way. These are too interesting. You are well-blessed with creative gifts.

  3. The nicest compliment. I thank you from my heart.


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