Ooops....I forgot to cyber shop!

And now my chance is gone for another year.  Thankfully, my shopping is finished and the decorated tree is standing tall.  So, I can sleep in or relax over another cup of coffee or play with photos from a recent vacation.

A few weeks ago, we decided that  a long relaxing weekend was in store for us.  Found a beautiful Victorian-style bed and breakfast for the layover and then set out for three fun-filled days. 

The Buffalo River in Northern Arkansas
The Buffalo River near Harrison, Arkansas

The curves were short and steep and in abundance!
Eureka Springs

Up the Down Hill in Eureka Springs
Eureka Springs

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves:  Little Buffalo River added the perfect backdrop

The Little Bufflalo River
Granny's river was just as I remembered it even after all these years
The Little Bufflalo River
Water rippling over the rocks and boulders

Granny's Hill, Parthenon, Arkansas, November, 2014
Parthenon, Arkansas
A view across The Little Buffalo River.  In her later years, Granny married and moved to the beautiful home place of Papa Claude Matlock  There once was a swinging bridge across the river at just about this point. 
As a child, I remember being terribly frightened
of the bridge
swinging to and fro. 


  1. We love the Buffalo River area. David and the girls spent many a long weekend playing on the river as the girls grew up.

  2. It is still as beautiful as ever. Was quite tame in November.....but wow, what a rush March, April and May waters will be. When I was much younger, we canoe floated the rapids.


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