Ink Blots and China Marker

and the fun continues on this rainy Sunday afternoon.....with no particular place to go!

First, there was an ink blot

before and after ink blot turkey

oh, my....the ink blot became a turkey with just a little help from my Sharpie china marker.

 and the little gosling

and on the other hand....reversed side of the ink blot became just another figment of my imagination.....a barnyard fowl with a little Sharpie china marker help. 

ink blot and china marker barnyard fowl

Imagination the possibilities 
they are endless around my house


  1. Marty, you are hilarious and imaginative. That gosling is adorable! You should come to my house and do portraits of my many chickens. If you get really creative, there are also a pig, some sheep, a few goats, and a pair of miniature horses. They could keep you busy a while. Oh, and we're getting rain, also, just to keep you in the mood. :-)

    1. Mary, are you laughing with me or AT ME???? Oh, what a treat it would be to visit your harem. What fun we would all have in the barn yard.


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