Looking at the back side

2014 is very nearly coming to an end so here's looking at the backside ~

A friend once told me that people on the street don't want their pictures taken....I gasped!  What?   Do I have to sneak around to their back side to get pictures of people anymore?   Once I started doing this, I realized that the back side often makes for better viewing.

For example, which picture of this couple do you like best?  The front or the back?

I didn't even notice what they were wearing in the front picture?  Or the color of their hair.    Not much of a picture, really, with their eyes on the street.  Yes, I was pretending to take a picture of the junk filled patio, so as not to offend the couple walking toward me.   You, know, they might not have wanted their picture taken! 
But when I sneaked around to their back side.....
 Doesn't the back side draw you in as they glance at the menu outside this Italian restaurant?   What might they be discussing?    Is it "what shall we have for dinner?   Do we dine in or take out?  Sausage or pepperoni? Red wine or white?" 

 Shaggy dogs have no side better than the other.....all sides were good of this shaggy monster.  Oh, but what a lovable personality was there.   I asked, but he said he didn't care from which direction I got him.  He wasn't sure he had a 'best' side so I could just gape on....he wouldn't be bothered. 

big shaggy dog

big shaggy dog

and the back of heads didn't take away from what the picture was suppose to be about ~  the beauty of the decaying building fa├žade ~

And the fun of the back side of this boat master. Oh, My!  He was so busy doing his job that he didn't really care that I took the back side of his jeans. 

If I had the front of her, would I enjoy the back of her hair as much?  Would I even notice the fishnet hose?  Or the purse?   I would probably not even have taken a picture of this lady on the street simply because she was wearing a black dress!   Now, I'm delighted to have sneaked to her back side to get this picture which tells me much about her personality.  Her black skirt doesn't match her black blouse and her brown purse straps don't match any of the black and her taupe shoes don't match the outfit at all.   And, she really doesn't care that the humidity has her hair in a frizzy state.   She's up and dressed and out on a stroll and enjoying every moment of her day. 

lady in black dress

and the back side of the friend who suggested that people didn't like their pictures taken!   She appears to be headed somewhere.  A lady with a vision.   A lady on a mission - to get to the top of this climb and have a breath left in her when she gets there.  She probably has no clue that I sneaked around and got her back side.  

back side of Ann

Yes, here's looking at the back side of 2014.   
Happy New Year

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