L is for Leaves that fall without sound

Fall Leaf Colors
Forsythe Avenue and Riverside Drive

What a spectacular leaf display we had this year.  Highly unusual for the deep south since we don't have drastic hot to cold weather changes to bring out the brilliance in leaf color.  We just take the drama of a season as it passes on into the next.  And, in most cases we have to make photo drama where there is none! 


As we sat in the car waiting for the light to change on the corner of Forsythe and The Park
one day last week

  Have a great day, whatever your season......Marty



  1. Beautiful photos! I love that yellow. The tinge of orange has me thinking that a bit of thread painting would be perfect for a quilt of leaves. Everything is a quilt in my mind! (I tried leaving a comment earlier but it didn't post, so if both show up delete this one.)

  2. I agree with you Mary....everything turns into a quilt in my mind also. Happy seasons to you.


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