On a midnight lark?

The theme is "Flights of Fantasy" - and my fantasy is about a guy who travels around the world making light of a task that must be completed in a mere 24 hours.    Yes, I believe in Santa Claus.  I believe the essence of Santa is alive in the hearts of all children....children of all ages.  So, while Santa isn't a fantasy in my world, he is the heart of my "flights of fantasy" art quilt. 

Yes, I believe - Marty Mason
Santa is not to scale with the street scene and there's a reason for that.    More important than where we dine or what movie we see or how beautifully the large buildings around town are decorated,
on this particular night, Santa is top banana!  (That means, he's a keeper in my world.)
For all the little children of the world - Marty Mason
Here's where it all started. Kitty helped me pull and cull from my pile of scraps left over from a recent quilt project.  Loved Anna Maria Horner's 'True Colors' so much that I saved every scrap!
Better be good, better not pout - Santa Claus is coming tonight - Marty Mason
 and after sewing them together I cut out my bright little silhouettes  to strategically place on my midnight black with bright dots I imagined to be stars in the night sky. 

Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?  - Marty Mason
While his reindeer isn't in the best of form tonight, he is a happy trooper, pulling his weight to make sure every child has a joyous Christmas. 
May your Christmas Season be filled with joyous love and peace.
We are a group Art Quilts Around The World - and we make art quilts based on a particular theme on a bi-monthly basis.  Our ideas and skills and tools and fabrics are very diverse. 
And, of the utmost importance -
May you always see the world
through the eyes of a child
Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas

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