One Lovely Blog - Awarded

How wonderful that my friend Mary Marcotte awarded this lovely award to my blog.

Mary and I don't go way back......we met about two years ago and haven't seen each other in person since that meeting night.  But through blogging, we keep in touch.   Mary is always at home at Fleur de Lis Quilts. 

As a part of being One Lovely Blog, I need to tell you seven little-known things about myself.  I'll try not to put you to sleep.

1.   I am the middle child.  For those of you who,  through no fault of your own, are the middle child,  will already know what that means. But for those with no siblings, I'll tell you,  it is not a pleasant place to be.  It means that as a child, I got the short end of one stick from my older sister and the short end of  another stick from my younger sister.   My mother was no help either.  Jackie always got the best because she was the oldest and Sandy always got the best because she was the baby.  Needless to say, I grew up a loner defending my position all by myself with no help from family. 

2.  I struck out on my own at 18 and never looked back.  Oh, I did come back  to my home town after a few years and married, divorced....later married, divorced....later married, divorced.  Now married for the past 17 years.  Happily, too.  Yes, it can be said about me that if I don't like what's in the cards and the hand that's dealt me can't/won't change, then I move on.    I couldn't continue to live with the jealous rages of the first, the lack of ambition of the second, and the womanizing of the third.  The fourth has none of the aforementioned attributes. 

3.  I am a happy quilter.  I like the modern style even though that's not where I started.   I belong to four quilt guilds and am an active participant in each one.  I  would probably be a part of even more if time allowed.   I am a believer that a joiner should also be a doer. 

4.  I detest the phrase "Well, that's the way it's always been done."    I may be an old duck but I believe that most of the time, change is a good thing.   As detestable to me is the phrase  "I had no choice." or even worse, "We had no choice."   You what??  There's almost always a choice.  These phrases are a cop out to thinking about the possibilities of what can be. 

5.  I'm a counter.  By that I mean that I count how many times you actually say "ACTUALLY" in a conversation.   Or how many hawks I see between here and Kansas City.  Or, how many cars with California license tags I pass on the highway during any given trip.  For varieties sake, I change the state with each road trip!  There's nothing more boring than not having a variety of activities to keep me entertained. 

6.  I'm easily entertained. 

7. You really don't want to know! 

I joyfully pass this award on to Vicki Welsh....another blogger whom I have never met, yet we continue to call each other old friends.  Vicki is also known as Field Trips in Fiber.  Go on over and enjoy your  field trip with Vicki. 
If life isn't fun, then make it so. 

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