It's just a feeling ~

I have the strangest feeling that someone is watching us......with the question on their mind:
"Who's the daddy?  These babes don't look a thing like their mama!"

Who's the baby daddy?

Stay close and whatever you do, do not make eye contact!

ducks in the pond
Okay, we are out of here.   They may look like their daddy, but I'm sure they have my feet ~ 
Why is that a when there is a newborn in our midst we try to connect the body parts to the parent they resemble.  Or is it just my family that does that?  Laughing out loud thinking of the way we are.


  1. You've given me a laugh, too. :)

    What sweet little ones.

    1. Thanks Lois.....I do love to give a grin or two. Happy travels to you.

  2. They are adorable! I wish ducks weren't such a mess. Literally, a mess. All that climbing in and out of the water (and other stinky doings) really is messy. And they start out so cute!


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