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When my finger and toe nails get done - it's usually in a shop and I'm generally pleased with the toes part of it as long as I don't stub my toe leaving the shop, but I'm not so much pleased with the finger part.  My hands aren't very attractive (anymore) and I'm brutal to my nails.  I love digging in the dirt, pulling weeds, pinching back petunias so even more will give me the pleasure of their company.  I still rinse my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher and most of the time forget to put on my kitchen gloves....I hear that water is a major culrit to freshly painted nails.   And when I'm not in the garden or in the kitchen, then I'm right here in my studio sorting, auditioning, cutting, sewing, ripping fabric.  I'm told that fabric is a major culprit for drying hands.  Oh, and then there is that little bit of painting and drawing that I do while pretending to be a rich and famous artist.  So the polish is of very little benefit when there is smudges of ink,graphite and paint in, on, and around the nails. 

vintage garden pitchfork

But enough of how I abuse my hands, which are, of course, happy hands..  What I'm generally not happy about is that the nail tech quickly globs on the under coat and with not even a hint of allowing that coat to dry, she globs on the first nail color coat which is very quickly followed by the color second coat and then the top coat.  This takes about 3 minutes and then I sit with hands under the dryer for three to four rounds thinking if I do this I can then let my hands get on with life.  But, it never happens because even though I leave the shop nails unscathed, before I even get my seat belt fastened, I have a smudge. 

potted sedum:  Autumn Joy

So, I'm taking control of my hands.  I went yesterday to purchase the required polish remover, the under coat, the color coat, the top coat.  Last night before bedtime, I started the new nail regimen - removed the old polish and filed and buffed, then oiled and dealt with the cuticles.  First thing this morning I put the under coat on and it is now nice and dry.  Breakfast is over and while stitting here blogging, I added the first color coat.  Perhaps by mid-afternoon I'll have my manicure complete and will be okay about dropping by the nail shop to get my much needed pedicure.   I'm sure the nail tech will notice and brag about how gorgeous my hands are and will want to know who did them up so nicely for me.  And how long did it take and how much did it cost! 

It's raining out, but I'm staying dry, taking the slow path:  what a life!

What I haven't blogged about but will do as soon as my nails are dry is my newest's a big one. 

quilted big bag

and my slightly improved free-motion quilted feathers.

free motion feather quilting



  1. I've given up on my hands completely. Well, almost. I do keep my nails clean and almost trimmed, but polish...not at all. There's no sense in in all that work so that I can ruin it in less than 24 hours. I've taken charge by choosing my life over my nails. But a pedi.....yes, please!

    Love the bag. It would make a perfect book bag (which I need) and is really pretty. I love those fabrics. Are you practicing quilting feathers? Why? These look great.

    1. Yes, Mary, I've been practicing free-motion quilting on my sewing machine in prep for a Cindy Needham workshop I'm going to in August. I just hope those Texas floods haven't washed the center off its' blocks.....between Houston and San Antonio. Yes, the bag would be good for books. I plan to use it for back and forth to guild meetings to haul my show-and-tell. I just had a bag lesson and came away with one. It is perfection in any size.

  2. Nice feathers Marty! You'll have to give me your opinion on Cindy Needham's Ultimate Stencil. I'm not a huge gadget girl, but it looks like a versatile tool for designing and marking quilting designs. I may need to put it on my wish list, but I've only seen it in videos.


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