In "The Skinny"

I found a new-to-me font this morning......"The Skinny"  and decided to play for a bit.  And then I remembered a hilarious conversation with friends this week.  There's something unique about Southern lingo.  We redefine words and use that re-definition  so much that it becomes gospel around here. 

The gospel on Southern:

I'm fixin' to tell you what I mean.   For many folks, fix means to repair.  For us southern folk, fixin' means we are getting ready to or about  to do a thing or two.  I tell the HuMan most every day that it's time to start fixin' supper or even better, "I'm fixin' to start on a new quilt."  When he asks where I'm going or what I'm about to do, I just tell him that I'm fixin' to go here and I'm fixin' to do this and that and he now knows exactly what's going on.  I told a close friend just the other day that I was fixin' to get ready to do a little sewing.  She's still laughing at me wondering how long that was going to take! 

And then there is this thing about going to the grocery, or just about anywhere where 'things' need to be contained before one can get out of the store.  Down here, we put our groceries into sacks.   When I go to Walmart for new underwear, my new undies are packaged for takeout in a sack.  You may have your takeout items put into a bag, but my takeout always goes into a SACK!  

We continued quilting and laughing about our common denominator, our re-defined words.  One southern quilting bud told a story about a northern friend of hers who always pressed a button when she wanted to start her sewing machine.    I, however, PUSH all my buttons to get things started.  I also push the doorbell as well as the shopping cart and vacuum cleaner but always  PRESS my wrinkled skirt before I dress. 

The list could go on, but back to my new-to-me "Skinny" font - newly incorporated in a photoshop with color, one without. 
Rejoice.  It's Sunday. 

The gospel on Southern:



  1. When I was working I tried to avoid using my Southern words but sincw retiring I have embraced my heritage!

    1. I love it when I can poke fun at myself and add more laughter to my day.

  2. Way too funny! I was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania and my grandmother was from Kentucky! "give me some sugar" was a phrase I finally stopped using! No one knew I just wanted a kiss and hug!!!

  3. My grandmother "saved" everything, meaning put away. Save the dishes meant put the dishes away.

    My boys are always "'bout" to do something. So, when you are fixin' to go, you're really 'bout to go. For the life of me, I can never remember the English word for wasps when I need it...they are "geps" (spelled phonetically, because how else would I be able to spell it?) But if you're a mean girl, you're also a gep. Isn't that fitting?

    Robbie, around here you are the sugar. "Hey, sugar, how's your momma?"

    Don't you just love the South?!


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