It's An Attitude ~

I love that my quilts have an attitude!  Yay! Summer Solstice quilt top is completed.

Ginger stopped by last week and we got ourselves registered for a Houston International Quilt Festival workshop (fingers crossed and hoping) with Karen Eikmeier.  While here, Ginger helped me with the fabric border layout - a great one....for my Summer Solstice.  But after she went about her business, I discovered that I didn't have enough of each of the four fabrics needed to complete the border.  Not to be totally outdone and much against Ginger's better judgment, I added more fabrics so that my outer border developed an Attitude (with a capital A).   The pattern calls for four fabrics to sew together alternately around to make the outer border.....I think have 20 in this border...yikes.  Yet, I love everything about my quilt.....especially that it is finished.

Summer Solstice quilt top with a border with Attitude



  1. Love the quilt-itude! What's wrong with a few extra border pieces? The are happy! Don't you just love a finished quilt?

    1. And I especially love that all the paper is now torn from the back. That's what not to love about paper-piecing.


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