Just Focus ~

A quilter bud of mine says she likes to have a place for her eyes to focus when looking at a quilt! 

For Renea.....just focus on this quilt - if you can! 

charm pack/layer cake sew and slice....mod quilt - marty mason

 I had a Malka Dubrawsky layer cake "from outside in" and also one of her charm pack fabric designs  "poems from pebbles" (Moda) and I had a technique I'd been itching to try that I saw at QuiltCon 2015.  Kansas Troubles owner, Lynne Hagmeier, had a most delightful demo and a great story.  It was on a quilt cruise (if memory serves me) and she wanted her class to be a simple one.  All the group had to do was center a charm pack square on top of a layer cake square and sew the charm block down.  She said it took the quilters hours and hours to get that done......thus, she designed a ruler.  And her demo at QuiltCon 2015 was all about that ruler.    I didn't make that purchase.  But, I did come home and place my charm block somewhere in the layer cake block.  Just as long as it was on a cutting line, then that was all that was required. 

charm pack/layer cake sew and slice....mod quilt - marty mason
 I then stitched around the charm block with a 1/4" seam so that it has a wonderful raw edge.  Next step is to cut the layer cake block dead center, both horizonal and vertical to make four new 5" blocks.  Mix 'em up and sew together.   Notice the quilt in the background picture with Lynne and Jenny - that's the traditional block using this technique.    Isn't it a great one? 

Name of this one is "Just Focus....If You Can." 

Mod quilt:  marty mason



  1. It's a little busy. But I love it. I wouldn't want it on my bed...I already don't sleep! But on the grandkids' bed, it would be perfect. Now I think I should make one just for that purpose. You see what you do? You inspire people with your bright colors and fun designs.

    1. But Mary, if it were covering you on your bed, when folks came in they would see you languishing under a most happy quilt. Think about that, but in the meantime, yes, go make the grandchildren a bed-quilt. Hugs to you and yours.


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