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I opened my email Spam folder this morning to discover that I had mail.  Subject line read:  "Hello, Are you Still Alive?''   I know I don't make big waves in my small little world so I didn't answer, figuring if we were real friends, then the writer would know if I'm alive. 

But the question did prompt a topic for a blog post.  You just never know from where a topic of conversation can come. 

July, 2015 Calendar

And the same is true in getting programs for quilt guilds.  I am currently program chair for one quilt guild and have been past program getter for another guild to which I belong.   I am constantly seeking performers and sometimes I'm ready to ask the question "Is there anyone alive out there?  If so, will you come and do a program for us."   Of course, just kidding.

I have found in the five years I have actively sought performers, that there is no lack of talent in our community.   And talented people do love to share.   We love to talk about what we do and how we do it and where we found the inspiration,  pattern and materials and how we changed it to make it our own.   If I like what I'm hearing, then certainly the others in my guild will enjoy this too.  I usually ask right then and there while the fire is hot, while there is still excitement in her voice, if she will share the project with the group.  I always know when we have an open date.  Usually, give her two open dates.  You know, we all love options.   I'm seldom disappointed.  There is usually an eager "Yes, I would love to come for a visit and share my project."  

In keeping with the spirit, I  propose that the officer in charge of programs not be called Vice President, but rather Program Manager.   How fun.

 Kinda like in the films....what are they called? know the ones who find the actor for each part in the movie.  Except I'm casting an actor a month to come blow their horn.    How easy is that?  Program Manager! Now, that's a good thing.  



  1. What a fun post. I've never thought of myself as an actor when giving a quilt's just something I do, you know? Now that I think of it, I suppose it IS tooting my horn, but it certainly doesn't feel that way. I guess the difference is getting asked rather than just jumping into a conversation and really tooting! When friends ask me how I can give a trunk show or explain how I do a certain technique, I laugh and remind them that the quilts all have a story: I just happen to be the one who knows it. I keep telling them it's the same with their quilts--tell the quilt story. Now I suppose I can say the quilt is the lead actor, I'm just the supporting actor/narrator who knows the story! Goodness, you've gotten my philosophical wave kicking.

  2. I love it, Mary, when you get philosophical on me! I love doing programs too and don't feel as though I'm tooting my horn, but rather sharing with others the stuff I love to do. Some folks seem reluctant to enjoy the limelight, says it makes them nervous, but if they do as you do and let the quilts or the project do the program and the person standing in front of the crowd be the narrator, then it would be a breeze for them. I'll have to remember this.


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