I'm a little screen print

I've been dibbling my toes in screen printing.  I took the Celina Mancurti screen printing workshop while at QuiltCon 2015 and loved the process but just haven't found the time to pursue that career....until last week.   Quilters' Guild Acadienne in Lafayette, Louisiana, had the most delightful program  - Mary Felder on screen printing and Judy Momemzadeh on Gelli plate fabric painting:  both teachers awakened a new desire in me to jump in.    I ordered a few thermofax screens from Mary and it was love at first sight when I saw her sandpipers printed on my fabric. 

Sandpipers - screen printed on fabric

Then taking another giant leap of faith, I first printed her poem, then topped that off with the sandpipers.  Be still, my heart!   Just looking at these prints allows my mind to wander to the beach, feeling my toes in the sand,  gaily strolling along, the sandpipers and me, side by side, soothed by the sound of the surf.   

Mary's poem reads:
"The sea soothes my soul,
My spirit sways in harmony
with the gentle winds.
I roam the sands like the busy sandpipers.
They seek food - I seek a
reason for existence."
                                        MC Felder


  1. Wow! Beautiful poem and I want that fabric! It is beautiful with the poem and the sandpipers. You have a new career starting! Let me now when you're ready to begin selling fabric. I will definitely have to look into some of these fun projects as soon as I retire....and cannot wait!

    1. Mary my retirement went something like this: One day I was hard at work and the next one, hard at play. It was wonderful. You're gonna love it!


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