Still thinking about yesterday ~

I've been saving my little fabric clippings for quite a while.  Some I pass on to a nearby animal shelter for dog beds, some I keep for myself for the beds of cats that have adopted our house.   Some I save for the two pathetically lazy inside cats. 

But back to yesterday's thinking:  At the guild meeting yesterday, I found a scrap of giveaway fabric.  Well actually, it was about a yard with humpty dumpty printed on both sides with instructions to cut out humpty dumpty along the scissor lines, then sew on the dotted lines and stuff up to make a humpty dumpty doll. 

humpty dumpty fabric for cut out doll

I wasn't falling for that stuffing!

But this morning I did make the two pathetically lazy inside cats a new (and clean) nesting pillow, stuffing it with my saved fabric clippings. 

The biggest pathetically lazy cat found it first and begun his nesting in. 

 But, lol, when I came back later, I found that he had just about been nestled off by the second pathetically lazy inside cat. 

Neither one is complaining about the smaller than necessary nesting pillow.....
they know a good life while living it. 


  1. Ole Humpty makes for a good nesting spot. All anyone really needs is just enough anyway, and they each have just enough to get comfy. Have a great weekend!

    1. I'll make each one a pillow when I ge back home. Having some Florida fun for now.


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