In the good ole summertime ~

Just flipping through quilt photos and ran across this one from the past.  I still like it....made from fabric that was no longer my favorite....fabric I didn't want to give away so I used it to make snowball blocks.  At least, I think these blocks are snowballs! 

snowball quilt
That was then, and this is now.  Funny thing on the way to finishing this quilt top.  It was finished, but when I spread it out to get a picture, it seemed too, I cut the seams out of each row, then cut out the blocks that I wanted to replace and inserted a more calming block.  Of course, this meant that I then had to shift the rows to the left or right since the vertical seam lines no longer met!  Oh, well....nothing like making this quilt twice in one day!   But cutting out the seams was much faster than ripping.  Doesn't bother me that some blocks are 8" and some are 7" or perhaps 7 1/2".  If it bothers you, just keep quiet about it....please. 
Improvisational half-square triangle quilt top
and while in Florida, I made this fantasy 4-patch.  I am so intrigued by Joe Cunningham's Craftsy class - quilting without a pattern - that I've made four more: each one with different fabrics for totally different looks.  Instead of using two contrasting fabrics as Joe suggests, I used several to get the right amount of yardage needed.  I found a strip of dark  fabric to eek out a skinny half-border, then used the left-over scraps to add the half side and bottom border. 
 I like the mix of fabrics and the asymmetry. 

Look what's on the design wall. 
Black and white with color:  improvisational piecing.
improvisational quilt top

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