Are bow ties history?

3-dimensional bow tie quilt - Marty Mason

This bow tie quilt was almost I started at a quilting retreat several years ago after my friend Dorothy did a demonstration of the 3-dimensional bow tie.  I completed a few blocks just to reinforce the technique in my brain, then put the project aside for a year or more.  Being the A-type personality that I am, I do like to start what I finish....aka controlling the ufo's. 

When my Martelli was delivered in late October last year, I began searching for quilts to practice on that had no real value to me. 

 So, here you have it:  one of my first finishes quilted in the simple stipple design.  All quilted and washed and ready to donate to a child in need. 


3-dimensional bow tie quilt - Marty Mason

Bow ties always look so nice and neat.....I do hope they aren't something of my past that I see only in pictures. 

3-dimensional bow tie quilt - Marty Mason


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