softly ~

Enjoying the Spring  garden ~  The potted chives always enjoy the cool Spring temperature.

chive in the Mason's garden

The gnarled old Hackberry tree continues to amaze us each year with it spectacular greenery.  It's a delightful bright spot shaming the dullness of the neighboring pine limbs.  The Hackberry is one of those three-personality trees.  It shines in the Spring,  blends in to an almost diminishing view until Autumn, then it shines again with golden leaves until the Winter wind bares the branches.   

 Bird bath and blue flowers.  The pine tree bark reflection was a happy surprise in the bath water. 

Rocking:  From the back ~
White rocker on the carriage house porch
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  1. I posted pictures of our yard not very long ago. I love this time of year, when the temps are bearable (although crazy), trees are greening up, and flowers are sharing their beauty and scents. Love those blue flowers! One of the few colors I'm missing in my yard.

    1. Mary, I did go visit your outdoor space and enjoyed your pictures. How lovely a home place in which to enjoy the goodness of Spring. When you are next in Monroe, stop by for those blue flower bulbs. Once started, they multiply in great abundance. They are probably a weed to the flower purist, but I love them in early spring.


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