Putting on a happy face: lost and found

With new computer
lost in the system

or, so I thought. 

I'm laughing out loud
today at finding all those lost pictures in

right where I left

Lady in Italy beach combing with man's best friend - Marty Mason
Lady with man's best friend beach-combing in blue water on the shores in Italy - 2012

 Blue door under the hill in Natchitoches

On the Street in New Orleans - Marty Mason Photography
 I found this perfectly manicured blue building on the streets of New Orleans.  I could make this building my quilting shed! 

So, what do all these pictures have in common?  They are all about blue 'cause that's how I was feeling about having lost them .   All pulled from different folders where they were safely stored, just waiting for my next visit. 

blue bottle collection at Oak Point - photographed by Marty Mason

Boy in blue with father in blue taking a lunch break at outdoor restaurant

happy clown figurine - photographed by Marty Mason

Putting on a Happy Face

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