Spring Break-Through

Yes, I've been in a long winter hibernation and just broke through into my spring revival.  Lots of quilt-making has been going on in the studio during those cold days. 

One of my favorite finishes is this improvisational log cabin made from thrift store linen blouses and skirts and cotton jersey t-shirts.  It's heavy since I had to back the linen for stabilization, but it looks just right for a spring night on the back porch rocker. 

improv log cabin using thrift store linen - marty mason
Quilted on my Martelli:  Life can't be any better than being able to get up, bounce into the sewing studio and finish a quilt in no time. 

improv log cabin using thrift store linen....quilted on Martelli sit down - marty mason

Lots of ideas have been flowing in and out of my head.  More checkbook covers for craft fair.  A fun little something to make for  the guild's fun money fund raiser. 

fabric checkbook cover - marty mason

Oh, and more munchkin pillows made from machine felted wool scraps.  They are only 6" - 8" square (more or less) and are  just the right thing for any little munchkin. 
machine felted wool scraps made into small pillows - marty mason

machine felted wool scraps made into small pillows - marty mason

machine felted wool scraps made into small pillows - marty mason

When there's just one more minute in the day, I love making simple note cards.  This was a coneflower from my garden last year.....manipulated in photoshop and printed on card stock.

note card ~ original to marty mason

It goes without saying that while in Savannah,  there was a whole lot of fabric purchases made.

loved the Victoria Findley Wolfe booth in Savannah Quilt Con East

And best yet, a free half-yard fabric bundle of Art Gallery Fabric.....5 free yards.  What a deal !

I've been doing lots of planning and preparing for a 2018 workshop.  I think I'll call it "Improvisational to the Nines."  You see, we'll be starting out with a nine-patch.  The workshop will probably be filled with very traditional quilters and I want to draw them into my love of improv.  I'm hoping this very simple, very easy-to-make traditional block will get their traditional attention.  My first thought was to have each participant have a completed drunkard's path or churn dash block on workshop day and bring along with large scraps from their scrap pile.  Then I decided for ease of easing into improv, we best start out with a nine-patch.  I'm excited. 

9-patch with improvisational use of fabric placement - marty mason

Improvisational use of fabric in  a simple 12" 9-patch is all this one took to get this quilt started. 

See how easy improv quilt making is!  A 9-patch surrounded by borders finished at 40" x 46" for an
"Improv to the Nines" workshop sampler.   
improv 9-patch in progress in preparation for workshop - Marty Mason

TaTa for now..... I'm off to enjoy a beautiful day filled with sunshine.  May your day also be filled with hugs and sunshine and all things that warm your heart. 


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