A Child's Purse Heyday

Bet you can't make just ONE....

I had a little fabric left over from something or other and decided I would make some little girl happy....But since these little ditties are completed at 6" x 7" with a 12" drop in the strap, I actually got 3 made in these fabric combos!! Oh, what a happy day (I say). After making these three, I decided I knew how this was done......

Found two more yards of complimentary fabric in my fabric cupboard that put a smile on my face.

The yardage kept growing and growing and et cetera and et cetera. It took me two days with several time outs, but here are 6 more.

I think I lose the bet - just could not stop with one. Did I tell you that I'll have half a booth in the Jonesboro, Louisiana, quilt show September 25-26? Here's hoping these purses make nine little girls a Happy Birthday or a Merry Christmas.

Oh, yes, the other half of the booth will be filled by my friend over at Rose Hill Quilt Shop. So, if you are in the Jonesboro area that weekend, drop by and say hello.


  1. Well, how prolific you are! I think these will sell.

  2. Wow these are cute! I bet they will be sold out before you can blink:-)

  3. Thanks for your votes of confidence. I'm sure you both are right!


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