Journal Covers, Canvas Tote Bag and Book Markers

I've been gone so long....decided I'd stop a minute and post some pictures of where my mind and body has been this week. Just a few little things like this journal cover. Such little pieces of fabric can make a splash. Free motion quilted hearts adorned with ruby Swarovski crystals. This one is 5"x 7"

Or this one. I printed one of my watercolor flowers on fabric, then put that into a journal cover. Put some crystals in the center of each flower. Actually, can you tell this was one of my printing mistakes. (I failed to flip the fabric in the printer and it printed on top of an already printed flower). I actually like the double image, so I call this a lemon makes lemonade...

No, I didn't stop here. I had one more blank canvas tote that was driving me nuts so while I had the paint out painting book markers, I painted the background for another Mr. Rooster sketch. I love that Mr. Rooster has finally come out of the hen house and made himself a resource in my projects!

Bookmarkers - I always forget to tell you to click on each picture to see closeup....but you know to do that by now - Don't you??

That's not all, but all for now....I'll be in and out and away next week but will be back on my usual (almost) daily schedule in October. 'Til then, here's hoping for happy and creative days.


  1. Nice journals! The kind you don't even want to write in. Whatever you are doing this week, I hope it goes well.

  2. Thanks....Actually, I'm off to a two day girls retreat. Will be very restful (I'm sure)!!


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