Two Fat Cats

I had visitors in a few weeks ago and on their leave taking, one comment I overheard was about the two HEFTY cats that rule the Mason household. No, nothing about how clean my house was or the beauty of my quilt display or the lush, well-kept lawn. Very simply, HEFTY cats.

Here they are pretending not to hear those dreadful words.

So, dearest and I discussed the truth of the matter and decided that yes, as hurtful as it would be for us (??) the cat diet must begin...NOW... I began said diet by doling out a taste of canned food each morning. Then, after I think that has been long ago digested, I dribble a little dry food in their bowls. "Taste" and "Dribble" or words the cats have given me to describe their meals. This is to help you get a feel for their pain!!

Well, this morning, I was awakened by a kitty, tapping her tail in my face. Cats aren't sleeping to well these nights....the stomach growls must be interfering with their night nap. So, they were up along with the moon and stars when the paper boy dropped the paper by. What they wanted me to see this early in the morning was that Garfield is on the same diet....and it's not going over very well with him either.

I feel a cat town hall meeting coming on. The cat police better get the taser gun ready...just in case there is too much freedom of cat speech going on across this diet stricken country.


  1. You have very cute cats. I hope you post more photos of them, especially when they are on your beautiful quilts.


  2. Oh, come on. I've seen much fatter cats than that! They look nice and healthy. Kind of like me.

  3. Marty, you crack me up! Darling post. They look well rounded to me ... chuckle!

    Have a beautiful week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Thanks, you guys....I really did try to cut back on their intake, but they won out. Can't stand to see a grown man or a cat cry. They love having their picture taken, so I'll do better at getting them in the spotlight a little more.


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