Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

I've started a Flickr Group....."Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything." Please go see and add pictures of your unique (or not so unique) handmade items. It's all about fun!

Here are some of my first additions -

Little feet love these little bath mats. Like any quilted item, the more it's washed and dried, the better it becomes. And, since there is no major investment in these little dittys, when one wears out, there is a replacement ready.

Oh, and what freedom I had in stitching up this blue hobo purse. No pockets, no lining, no hassle.
A crawfish purse - it's a Louisiana thing.....
Yep - it's time to make 'em and break 'em. This is one of my favorite resolutions. Sure hope I don't break it this year 'cause nobody likes a crybaby!

Okay, you get the picture. Come join me in the fun.


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