Family Time

Nothing like curling up with a good book on such a cold, rainy, winter's day.
Oh, dear - here comes trouble. (I see you peaking up from under the table)

Come on trouble, just walk on by!! I was so into this, I mean book!


  1. Cute post. Reminds me of the two cats that I had (now both in heaven). Cindy would be sleeping peacefully, when Mangoman would come give her some sweet licks on the neck and then bite her. She get up and give up her warm spot, then he'd settle in to it! Really Mangoman was a sweet cat, but this one behavior certainly was "trouble" too!


  2. And some dumb folks say animals are dumb!!

  3. What a chuckle, Marty! Reminds me of all the angel kitties ... they are such interesting animals.

    Have a beautiful & blessed NEW YEAR ... I will be in & out of communication for a couple weeks.
    TTFN ~ Marydon


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