Tying up Loose Ends for Quilt Show

I've been picking up the pieces. Some call it tying up loose ends or completing UFO'S (that's unfinished objects for the newbie crafter!)

Top on my list was getting my entry forms completed for each quilt to be hung in the Cotton Corner Quilt Show in February, 2010...Is 2010 almost here? Where has 2009 gone?

This done, I moved on to printing and stitching labels on back of each quilt. Thank goodness I attach the hanging sleeve as I sew on my quilt bindings. In my older (!)??#@@%) age, I've finally learned that this saves so much agony since I like my hanging sleeve to be of the same fabric as my quilt back. I learned the hard way that those left over backing fabrics disappear so when I would go back to do the matching sleeve, my sleeve fabric was not there!! Duh!!

I'm excited about a new idea for a booth to be featured in the upcoming quilt show. Each quilt guild member has been invited to make items for sale to benefit the guild. Each member sets her own price for her handmade item. If the item doesn't sell, then it goes back to the maker. While we want to make the most money for future guild projects, who wants to bag up and take an item back home to smolder in the back closet. I'm sure there will be some slashed prices on unsold items the second day of our show!!

I think I'll donate this little doll quilt.

And a child's purse. Hopefully some wonderful mother or grandmother will want one for a little one's next birthday!

And for all those book lovers...here is a watercolor book mark.

Oh, yes, and note cards.

More later...I've got to get pricing and packing.


  1. Good luck with that. I love the things you are selling. The doll quilt is excellent.

  2. I love the little purses! And your bookmarks and notecards are so cute, love the flowers you paint/draw:-)


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