Handmade Christmas Cards

Just about the time I think I'm finished working toward a Christmas deadline, I remember something else I've forgotten....Like Christmas cards. I'm a little slow this year. I did get started yesterday and a few even got put in the mail this morning. Hopefully more tomorrow.

Wow, and I'm watching those fabric scraps disappear from my stash. So, glad I didn't give in and throw these little pieces in the trash. I new in the back of my mind they would be put to good use! To say these are one of a kind is an understatement! I only had the smallest little snippets of some of these fabrics. I think the crystals on each tree really lights them up.

Sure hope friends and family like my scrap happy Christmas card spirit this year.
And, don't forget to hug a baby or a cat or a dog...hey, even a sweet husband too.


  1. Very cute cards. Love your idea.

  2. cute cards! Maybe I'll meet up with you in DJ's class.


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