{Echo} Week 24- Liquid

{Echo} Week 24 - Liquid.....wow! I love my partner's choice of liquid - WATER. Gotta go see Autumn's blog - it's wonderful.

And here is my choice of liquid - LIQUOR.

No - while I do enjoy an occasional glass of wine or an extra dry martini - sometimes a simple scotch and water, oh and can't forget the refreshing sip of gin and tonic (with a twist, of course) - I'm not a liquor lush!

While I was in Seattle last week visiting a friend, I had occasion to have lunch alone. Ann was participating in a seminar which gave me lots of free time to roam Seattle downtown. If you get a chance to go there, then go there. Anyway, back to lunch alone at the Steelhead Diner on Pine and lst Streets, since I didn't have a reservation, my option was to wait....and wait....and wait....or be seated at the bar. I choose to be seated. The bar was right up front with a great window view of the Pike Street Market and the water and rows and rows of liquor bottles. I need this barkeep at home...he was sooooooo tidy!

How timely that I took this picture 'cause when I got back here to my home computer, I discovered that the {Echo} prompt of the week was liquid....and I do consider liquor very liquid.

What did I have for lunch....you ask. A wonderful minimal calorie buttermilk battered fried chicken sandwich with fries. Oh, yes, a tall glass (of water). It was lunch time, remember, and I had lots of shopping yet to do.

When one dines alone....one is allowed to take pictures of just about anything one chooses. Yes, that includes liquor bottles and food - drool!

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