I've been multi-tasking.....

.....and am getting quite good at it!
While the toenails were drying.....

I made a doll quilt.....AND watched a passer-by have a nice bath!

While at my sewing station this morning, this little fellow dropped in, took a very quick bath, then headed on South. Does he know something we don't? It's been such a warm day, I wondered why his hurry. He barely stayed long enough for me to get this one shot of him. I thanked him for posing so prettily.


  1. I love the quilting of your quilt. Love those lines and crosses...that's how I like it done too.
    Sweet bird and great photo of it.
    Enjoy your multiple tasks!

  2. What a lovely day you had! :)) Thank you for sharing.

  3. Dangit! You've got the multi-tasking genes I so desire! :)


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