It's a jungle in here....but no one is fighting

the saga continues.....
This batik jungle was roaring by the time I figured out where to place each of these 12" blocks. But in spite of all the seam ripping and re-placement of blocks, I like that they aren't misbehavin'.

That said...I wanted to use as many of the same batik fabrics for the back of the ain't misbehavin' quilt; however, by the time I finished with the piecing, I decided it was too good looking for a backing. It is now my batik folly quilt top. Abandoned, but big and well-fed yellow cat agrees with me!

Two quilt tops - Yes, I can! Now I need more fabric!!!


  1. Cool - two quilts! And they both are gourgeous, congratulations!

  2. I love the colors in these quilts! Beautiful!


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