My time moved south again!

My time changed by two hours last night! I haven't changed with it. What has been 8 a.m. for me the past 10 days is now 6 a.m. My body will adjust someday...but in the meantime, I missed the breakfast hour.

But I didn't miss the opportunity of making this ordinary street corner shot into one I could manipulate into a nice little street corner.
I remember thinking this was a nice blue color on this utility van...why else would I have taken a picture with a blue van as the prominent feature??? When I downloaded all my photos this morning, I was not so impressed with this picture as I should have been. But there is a moral here - never delete a picture until you rethink it! Took some major cropping, but instead of seeing a blue van, I saw a lovely little street corner.

I arrived home safely and soundly - more later after my next nap!

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