But if I put an e-book on my Christmas wish list.....what will I do

with all my favorite bookmarks?

a bookmark collection - handmade:  some fabric....some watercolor....some photography.....based

flowers stitched into a 'fabric vase'

 watercolor and pen/ink

but I really want another battery to charge! I'm told the e-book batteries last and last...but then so do my favorite book markers!  Life:  it's tough:

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  1. You will love it! I have just recently jumped on the e-reader wagon with the purchase of a Nook. At the time it was the only one compatible with our local library e-lending. I LOVE IT! I thought I would miss turning pages... NOT! There are so many free things out there, and then there is the library lending... did I mention I LOVE it??

    Make a wall hanging from your bookmarks. But save some, because not everything you want to read is available in e-format yet.


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