Ocean Waves: with red and white half square triangles:

It's the ocean waves pattern and it's a whole lot of half-square triangle love.....these four 16 1/2" blocks contain 192 half-square triangles.  I chose to make mine with all my little red scraps.   I found an absolutely supurb free pattern at Quilt Inspiration.  Cindy Carter provides very detail cutting, placement and pressing directions to make this one not quite as complicated as it could have been. 

and kitty likes it too


  1. That's going to be so pretty. I love that pattern.

  2. The little triangles give a very nice effect. It takes a lot of time and effort to make the blocks with little bits but they certainly look good. Love your colours and of course I love the kitty :)

  3. Beautiful work, I love the white with all the reds etc. This is great inspiration for my next red Kaffe quilt! HSTs are so striking.


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