Trashers' Remorse:

I cleaned house late yesterday afternoon.....well, what I mean is - I  cleaned out the sewing room and must have been really tired because I trashed a lot of scraps! the scrap quilter who will tell all who wants to listen....give me a scrap and I can make a quilt! 

And.....on top of that, I took a huge pile of fabric and cut all of it into 2 1/2" strips. I've been told that that's the answer to what to do with fabric when you don't know what to do with it!

I finished that job this morning.  I call it a job because my rotary blade is now dull from all those cuts: 

My fabric bins are now more organized and there is now a lot of strips ready to be put into another scrap quilt....and about that trashers' remorse?  Oh, there is still time for  redemption - it's only Monday morning and our trash  pickup isn't until Friday!

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  1. I think trashers' remorse is a bit like stashers' remorse. Either way it never gets used. Sometimes it is just better to get rid of things and make room for more new stuff. The only way I could get over breaking my favourite teapot was telling myself that it made room on the shelf for a new one :) Love your strips.


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