I've gotten new eye glasses and nobody noticed:

Perhaps all eyes were on Ginger's new purse.....

or the matching outfits in eggplant color that she and Lil are wearing

Or, just maybe they wanted to see more of the journal cover Ginger's sweet friend gifted to her! 

could it have been that all eyes were on the new Quilters Ruler Holder that Bobby has made for Linda?

Or, they couldn't concentrate on my new glasses because of the free stuff table or the eye glasses that everyone else had on

Okay, I know....it was the food and games and -

gifts and

Christie's Christmas table runner...it definitely was an eye catcher!

I can just see it now.  When next we meet....they'll hover over me and disclaim how good I look and why didn't I do this sooner and oh my where did I get those designer rims and gush and gush and gush!  They will....won't they! 


  1. I noticed your new glasses and was jealous because I like them better than my new glasses.

  2. I'm not good at seeing myself....so I let the two ladies at at the optomotrist's office make the selection. Not sure how good they look, but they sure set my pocketbook back a tad....may have to rethink my selection method next time:

  3. For something you wear with everything it is worth paying a bit more than usual. You may have to keep those frames for quite a while though. I have same frames and new lenses now.

  4. You can always ask other people about the way you look. Sometimes, people just don't know what's best for them, so they don't mind asking. Good thing you got suggestions from those two ladies.

    On the other hand, I was worried when I read the title of this post… I thought you were really sad…


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