Today is the day:

that I finished my book - the book of bookmarks!  Sleeves were made of tyvek to slip my book markers into.  Then the cover.....first I applied coats of gesso on watercolor paper then painted.  After the paint dried, I grabbed my chartreuse thread and stitched in the flower. 

 Holes were punched and all layers (pages) were bound together - and there you have it...the perfect way to treasure my watercolor treasures.

Here is one of the sleeves - painted and stitched - to hold a tag book marker.  After the paint dried on the tyvek, I sketched with a graphite stick - each sleeve has a different sketch. 

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  1. I don't remember seeing any of your book marks before. They look great. The little book idea is perfect. I have just been stitching on card this morning. It makes a very satisfying noise. Love your chartreuse flower.


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