Audition Me:

Experience has taught me not to get to hasty in making fabric decisions for the quilt blocks, the borders, the backing and binding all at one time.  That may work for some, but not for me.  Only after I finish making my blocks do I have a better idea about the direction the quilt should go.  Some quilts don't need borders....some do.  Some need only one border, some need two or even three!  And border sizes are best determined as the quilt construction progresses.  Some quilts need the binding to be the same fabric as the outer border, some need a totally different binding to help frame the quilt.  

I do not like to make a large purchase of fabric for the backing because:  
1.  I never know what size my quilts will finish.
2.  I like the quilting thread to flow from front to back and can't make that thread decision before I get the quilt top completed!  
3.  I like to use the left-over fabric from the quilt top on the back of the quilt. 
There is a method to my madness so I've been auditioning fabric for borders for my Margaret Miller block bender look-alike quilt (the one I worked on last week at quilt retreat) and have finally decided on the orange and frenzied circles.  The orange should be about 1/2" finished and the circles probably 3 inches. I hope I have enough of the frenzied circles fabric to miter the corners.   I thought these guys auditioned quite well to complete this little play! 


  1. I bought some border material weeks ago, and we aren't even using it now! Yeah, I agree on buying some at a time.

  2. Applause for your quilt decisions. Those frenzied circles go nicely with the solid triangles.

  3. I wouldn't think of trying to audition you, Marty. You have such an eye.

  4. Yes, Missy...right decision (most of the time...there are always exceptions to the rule).

    And Val...I have two borders sewn in and so far, so good.

    Pat...thanks for your generous compliment and Yes, Pat, the Google ID worked. Now, you have one follower...let's see a blog post!

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  6. Love the border choices. I also decide on borders and backing after my quilt blocks are put together. When someone ask how I am going to quilt it when I am still making blocks - my response is who thinks that far ahead.


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