a weak retreat.....not on your life....wait....that should read week retreat

A week long quilt retreat:  Fourteen of us quilters were there for a fine time and two more dropped in for dinner one night. 

Christie was all smiles at finishing her LSU quilt top for daughter, Katie. 

and Dorothy decided to sit and ponder what to start next after finishing this little baby quilt of blue and green, yellow and pink with polka dot sashing and border.    Delightful pattern by Anka's Treasures.  This one is Sweet Pea.  And can you see the thread decor on Dorothy's black slacks?  Shouldn't sew in your little black slacks Dorothy!

Pat completed this flying geese and 4-patch quilt...Julie Henderson of JJ Stitches designed this quilt pattern.  Sorry I couldn't link....Julie is right in the middle of re-designing her web site.     

 Lil's beauty.  What can I say.....smashing!

Lenita may be down, but she's not out!

 A finished 1600 jelly roll quilt with two borders.   And a lot of binding being sewn on -

Theresa finished this one to get her picture taken with her blue sweater!

She is also behind this one! 

Tanya, Christie, Lenita and Betty haven't come up for air yet!  Tanya is putting the finishing touches on her Christmas reindeer.  

 Mary's nose is also to the grindstone....and I continue to covet her Featherweight ~

Rhonda (shown) and Linda (not shown) dropped in for dinner one night and brought some finished projects for us to see.

Dig it - the toes....fit right into the flower garden!   

Betty worked day in and day out on her 2000 piece log cabin millennium quilt

Here are four blocks out of eighty and she only has twenty more to go!  Let's see 2012 minus 2000.  You rock Betty....that's only ten years in the making! 

Dee, Arah and Madeleine got away before I finished taking pictures - dad blame it! 

hummmm.....it takes a special pair of glasses to hand quilt.....does it Jane?

Ethel and daughter, Tanya were a talking team this week.  Tanya drove over from the Dallas area to join us at retreat and what a treat it was to visit and sew with  her. 

And also a treat was to see Ethel's flour and feed sacks put into this gem of a quilt. Ethel finally confessed that her Aunt Chloe had already pieced the four-patches!   I love the vintage feel and allowed it to bring back memories of childhood clothes made from these feed sacks. 

 and I worked on community service quilts -

and a Margaret Miller block bender design look-alike

We dressed for successful quilting, kept ourselves safe from tripping hazards and electrical shock!!

and allowed the week to pass in a blur!  If you like all these pictures, raise your hand and like us on facebook.


  1. Looks like a fun, fun group. I love all the works in progress!

  2. That most beautiful work!! and how much joy in that meeting women!! Liliana kisses.

  3. It was a great weekend! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!

  4. It was a wonderful week....I'm still giggling!


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