Finally, I have my very own blog button

Marty in Motion  Thanks to Mira Crisp Photoworks.....I have my very own blog button for Marty In Motion  and I love it!    I was struggling and she came to the rescue.....You see, I what I didn't realize was that the photo url code had to be embedded, not the html!!!!!  It has taken me three weeks to figure out this one little problem....Duh! 

I could have made three quilts and two more purses in the time I've spent, when all the time, the problem was right in my face. 

Now, I can get on with my day~


  1. Yaaay! You have a button now! :)

  2. Hahahaha! Do not worry, it happens to me and all my friends, we have been situations like this!! Liliana quilteros kisses.


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