Don't Rain On My art quilt

Don't Rain On My Parade
OOAK by Marty Mason
Sold February, 2009

While answering a question to Mary Sue this morning, I had occasion to visit the blog of Edyta Sitar
and discovered that she likes umbrellas too.  Edyta's Dancing Umbrellas is a new quilt pattern soon to be published ....Why didn't I think of that!  It did prompt me to dig into my quilt picture archives and find my art quilt, now in a private collection.  I loved the whimsy of all the brights and it continues to make me wish for an umbrella just like each of these.  Now wouldn't that make for sunshine on a rainy day? 


  1. Love those umbrellas and they are so appropriate - it's raining heavily here. :)

  2. Love that polka dot sashing!

  3. What is it about Umbrellas?

  4. Not only do they keep us dry....but they entertain us as well. Hugs back at you Gerry.


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